Registration is OPEN for players and coaches

Registration is OPEN for players and coaches

Updated Wednesday October 2, 2019 by South Williamson Basketball.

SWA would like to welcome our new basketball president, Vance Howell! He has been elected to serve as our 2019-2021 Basketball President.  We are excited to have him as president!  He has served many seasons as a basketball coach.  Vance can be reached at

Registration for Open and Rec league basketball is now OPEN. Coaches registration will be open in the next few days. Please use the link below to register your child. Registration will close on October 16.

Rec league assessments will take place on Oct 20 for all age groups except 6U. Time and place to be determined. 6U will not have assessments this year, coaches will choose players based on player and coach requests. We will will also not have Open league tryouts this year. Open league coaches please have your full roster sent to Jennifer by Oct 16 and make sure they are registered to play.  Jennifers email is

Parents, if you are interested in your child playing Open League please read the following:
In additional to the traditional recreational program, SWA also offers an Open “Competitive” League. The Open League is intended to be a higher level of competition than the conventional rec program. SWA Open teams will play Open teams within SWA as well as teams from other Williamson County Parks & Recreation (WCPR) associations. Open league teams are chosen by coaches prior to the season as there is no try out for the open league. If you are not part of an open team with a coach in place, then you will register your child for the rec league.

A player’s division qualification is based on his/her age on AUGUST 31, 2019!

Open League coaches will not be allowed at Rec league assessments for recruiting this year. - use this link to register your PLAYER! - use the link to register as a COACH!

Looking forward to another great season!

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catherine hurst commented on September 9, 9:23pm
"I am trying to get my son registered for Basketball but am unable to locate where to do that or someone to contact. Can someone please either email or call me to help me out on this? or (314)954-1007. Thanks so much"
Otis Curry commented on September 23, 2:34pm
"I'm not sure if anyone reached out to you, but here is the link to the new sign up site. "
Bree Bailey commented on September 24, 1:54am
"I am still having trouble registering for the 2019-2020 Basketball season. Can someone help me please?!?!?! 814-490-0768 text is fine too "
Nicole Poirier commented on September 24, 12:36pm
"I’m trying to sign my son up for basketball. I made an account via the link above but cannot find where there is an option to register. Is there something I’m missing?"
Melissa Gill commented on September 28, 7:18pm
"Hi, I’m also trying to register my son and all i see on the website is coming soon mid-September registration. Is there a problem with the site?"
Ed Scott commented on September 29, 8:54pm
"So is SWA going to have sign ups or not? That link doesn’t take me anywhere that allows a sign up. I guess I can sign up in the Franklin league if mid September never arrives in Thompsons Station."
Ernest Mosley commented on September 30, 2:44pm
"When will we be able to sign up?"
Todd Ezell commented on September 30, 5:11pm
" for all who can't find the registration area. It's a new website. It doesn't appear to be very easy to find. Hope this helps some people."
Anne Campbell commented on September 30, 6:02pm
"Trying to register my son for basketball. Tried the link given, it takes me to a domain page that’s for sale "
Shawna Nieves commented on October 10, 9:39pm
"Our son is trying out for 6th grade team but tryouts aren’t till beginning November. If he makes the team will we be able to get a refund if we register him for swa? Also what is the price for signups for 11-12 U"
firstname lastname commented Just Now

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